01. Crossroads
02. If Only
03. Goddess Of Darkness pt 2
04. Island
05. How To Make Friends On Tinder
06. Bitch
07. Wildflowers
08. Goddess Of Darkness

We first heard Julia this spring and were surprised that she hadn't released anything or played much more than a handful of spontaneous concerts for friends. She's been writing wonderfully barbed and candid songs, seemingly without any great effort or with much regard of any sort of the standard songwriting conventions. The songs just seem to fall out of her - we recorded together over a few afternoons and each time she would have new, incredibly melodic and arresting things to play. She made a little album of big drama, youth and genuine care in the scruffiest, casual manner. Good stuff then

Eight songs recorded at home in Fürth, Germany and released as a limited edition CDr in a box with colour photographs by Mina Reischer, lyrics booklet and more. All CDrs are individually hand stamped and the boxes hand numbered by Julia.

Full quality digital download available over at Bandcamp and iTunes, Spotify, too.


Unique hand stamped CDr.
Full lyric booklet
Colour photograph print (1 of 4) and cover by Mina Reischer.
Individually numbered 100% recycled box. 

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 Cover photo: Mina Reischer

Cover photo: Mina Reischer