01. Filmmusik
02. No Choice Boys
03. D D A
04. Waterfalls
05. Time Machine

"...uses lofi synth and wavering vocal octaves to weave an intricate cocoon of art around the listener. One has landed in a void that is neither heaven nor hell, but somewhere beyond" (

RHODODENDRON is the long awaited follow up to the chaotic, experimental 2011 album .DIV by the seven piece German pop art band VIVIAN VOID.

RHODODENDRON was recorded in three summer days in Jablonec, Czech Republic at the house of Kati Linek, a student of electronic music from Aarhus, Denmark. Kati and the band squeezed drums, guitar amps, keyboards and microphones in her kitchen and living room whilst seven Muscovy ducks splashed in the garden pond. A racket was recorded, an EP of domestic bliss.

In true VIVIAN VOID tradition the physical release is something special. Each individual greeting card includes an absolutely unique 30 second snippet of music from their rehearsal room on a sound module that plays when the card is opened. An A4 photograph poster by Pola Sell is included too and the full EP is available as a Bandcamp download code in a choice of audio formats.

The physical edition is limited to 77 hand numbered copies.

Also, for the first time, Vivian Void’s marvellous music will be available to stream and download on Spotify, iTunes and most other digital stores.


Full colour greeting card with unique 30 second music snippet, A4 poster and a download code for the EP in a choice of audio formats.

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320 kbps mp3 files with artwork in a single .zip file.
Download code available immediately after purchase.