01. El Campesino Y El Cuchillo
02. Loma Aerea
03. La piedra reencarnada
04. Ecología oscura
05. Reflejos de plata en el río Negro
06. El pulso
07. El viento frío
08. La cacería
09. La comunidad oscura
10. El rey muerto
11. Carnero

Borealis is the solo project from the Asturian guitarist, Eduardo Suarez and "Loma Aerea" (Aerial Slope) is his second full length following a couple of EPs and an album "Tumba para un caballo cojo" in 2013.

The composition of "Loma Aerea" began shortly after the first full length was released and the recording sessions took from 2015 to the Spring of 2016 - the songs are longer, more harmonic and complex. These new tracks feature 6 and 12 string acoustics, electric guitars, banjos, synthesisers and field recordings from Asturian forests. 

"Loma Aerea" can be heard as an album of contrasts, a representation of the mystical and occult tone of natural environment. Although the songs are considerably more lengthy, they are not marked as much with the trance like drone prominent in Eduardo's previous work. The sounds have gained new resources, dynamics and richness in timbre. The minimalist approach expands with an orchestral intention on a single instrument: the guitar. As always, all his songs have been recorded in one take, thus allowing the interpretation to take precedence over the technological perfectionism. 

"Loma Aerea" is released in CD and digital format in an international cooperative edition between the Asturian label Truco Espárrago and Woodland Recordings. 

The WR release is a limited edition of 100. The CD and insert in a 100% recycled sleeve, with a full colour photograph cover by Stephen Burch and each individually hand numbered inside.

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Hand numbered edition of 100.

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