01. Stick To The Road
02. Learning How To Breathe Underwater
03. There's No Shame In A Song
04. Five Miles Down The Lane
05. If You Build It They Will Come
06. That's How It Goes When You Go Away
07. All The Corporals Sing A Long Song
08. What I Know About The Sea I Can Say In A Song

The third of the 'Kitchen' albums, recorded alone at home in Germany. Eight new songs, this time with added cornet from Johny Lamb (Thirty Pounds Of Bone), violin from Sophia Basler (Myself When Young) and backing vocals from Stefanie (Vivian Void).

'Turn Your Back On The Crown' is perhaps the most personal of the recent TGP albums - peppered with images, names and places from a childhood spent in the Welsh countryside, half-remembered lines from eighties horror films watched through fingers from behind couches, a pet lamb and a lost Irish cat.

The vocals and acoustic guitar tracks were recorded together, as with most of the other TGP albums - but in this case the entire album was recorded twice a day for 10 days, with the finished collection pulling complete takes mostly from the last afternoon. Johny Lamb sent his wonderful cornet parts over from Cornwall, but Sophia's urgent and imaginative violin were recorded in person on a short trip to Switzerland right at the end.

The cover image, as with the other 2 in this group of albums, is by Mina Reischer.


Hand stamped CDr with lyric sheet in recycled card sleeve, hand stamped on reverse.


320 kbps mp3 files with artwork and lyrics in a single .zip file.
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