01. Happy Clown
02. Won't Hold
03. I Have Been Inside
04. Liars
05. Pile Of Stones
06. Tooth & Nail
07. Back, Friend
08. Don't Scare The Fishgirls
09. Unmentioned Previously
10. Hole-And-Corner
11. Both Orphans

Eleven songs available as a Bandcamp download in a variety of formats and a very limited handmade edition of just 100 copies. Includes a 12 page booklet with full lyrics and drawings. Each cover is unique, with individually stamped letters on
the 100% recycled card sleeves. Tracklist individually stamped onto tracing paper.

The Bandcamp download of the album is available in full quality and includes pdf of the booklet, plus Elspeth's video for 'Happy Clown'.

'Elspeth's songs...have all the charm and creak of a Jan Svankmajer animation, all twigs and cloth puppets.' (Owain Paciuszko, God is in the TV Zine)

'She is a walking, talking contradiction, of jangly versus tuneful, mellow versus spikey, and waiflike versus all singing mama who plays her guitar like a demon.' (Umbrella Factory’s Ally Hardy)


Individually stamped disc with lyric booklet in a hand stamped cover.

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