01. Brave The Woods
02. The Kindness
03. Haunted Houses
04. Lost In A Forest
05. Shoulders
06. On The Hour
07. Fifty
08. Trusted The Universe
09. Wonderful
10. Hungry Heart
11. Killing The Light

Available as a single album or as a double CDr edition with exclusive remixes.

Remixes tracklist:

01. Wonderful (Alexandre Decoupigny 'Peng' remix)
02. Spirits (album outtake)
03. Shoulders (Paul Hartnoll alternate version)
04. Brave the Woods (Nicholas D remix)
05. On the Hour (2080 '1.79mhz' remix)
06. Trusted the Universe (Paul Hartnoll remix)
07. Hungry Heart (Lianne Hall 'Lo-fi' remix)

Haunted House started as a collaboration between singer-songwriter Lianne Hall and electronic musician/composer, Paul Hartnoll. Spanning almost a decade of recording the album evolved through a further partnership with sound artist and musician Alexandre Decoupigny into 'Brave The Woods'. Grand, sweeping, heartfelt electronica songs.


Single or double (with extra disc of exclusive remixes) CDr edition in stamped sleeve.

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