01. Happy Clown
02. Won't Hold
03. I Have Been Inside
04. Liars
05. Pile Of Stones
06. Tooth & Nail
07. Back, Friend
08. Don't Scare The Fishgirls
09. Unmentioned Previously
10. Hole-And-Corner
11. Both Orphans

Eleven songs available as a Bandcamp download in a variety of formats and a very limited handmade edition of just 100 copies.

Includes a 12 page booklet with full lyrics and drawings.

Each cover is unique, with individually stamped letters on
the 100% recycled card sleeves.

Tracklist individually stamped onto tracing paper.

The Bandcamp download of the album is available in full quality and includes pdf of the booklet, plus Elspeth's video for 'Happy Clown'.

'Thieves Again' is a brilliantly spiky and tender collection of often barbed but always sincere, urgent, pleading songs. Sonically it's the memory of PJ Harvey's '4-Track Demos' guitar sound with a bunch of rattling house objects as percussion, creaky piano and half a dozen soaring choruses delivered in an unmistakably English stand up straight voice.

On the first run through it's the speed of the lyrics and the urgency of it that sticks, but later listens reveal a collection of deep variety and at times desperate darkness.

It can often be cruel - from 'Liars' - 'I'll pull out all their teeth with pliers. But what will you do with a basket full of teeth? I'll feed them to the birds, they'll get a taste for liars'. 

Simple and straightforward - 'How did you get to be like this? You are terrible'.

That old English low self-esteem but always carrying on - 'further on I built my own pointless pile of stones. Best day of my life. And the wheel would keep on turning without you to turn it'

'Don't Scare The Fishgirls is simple but bewildering in equal measure - through 6 minutes of only electric guitar and distant rainfall a clear vocal sings of dreams, eyelashes and drowning where 'on the ocean floor you sing to me: I will always be closer than you think'.

As 'Hole-And-Corner' builds and builds and it's chords slide between major and minor every which way I think a dog barks throughout the rolling piano instrumental break. Things seem to appear over time, they were always there. 

The whole album has a deceptively wide acoustic spectrum to explore and many moments are simply a joy to sing along to - 'And they'll find my bones in a hundred years, think that I was the only one here and I wish I was! I wish I was, I wish I was, I wish I was...'

On the final track Elspeth, backed by school piano, sings her heart out in assembly at the orphanage. Swooping and seeking, she's Oliver on stage - 'each one of us we could use some help'.

When it's over you know you've missed something and there it is.

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