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Disc 1

01. The Dead Hands & Fee 'Better Start To Swim'
02. Elspeth Anne 'Meghan'
03. Lucy Parnell 'Cold'
04. Office Of Aurora 'Water And Wine'
05. Allysen Callery 'Shoot Me'
06. The Great Park 'The Line She Winds Around The Black Forest Pines (Acoustic Version)'
07. Lianne Hall 'Mess Of Love'
08. Binoculers 'By Your Lake'
09. I Took Your Name 'As Always'
10. Urubugalinhas 'Kreuzkölln Erzähl Mir Mehr Von Deiner Bescheidenheit'

Disc 2

01. Vivian Void 'Hey Whigger -- Hit Hot'
02. Vincent Von Flieger 'Triumphantom (Massai)'
03. Red On 'Leave A Light'
04. Oublier Et Mourir 'The Yearning'
05. Mani Deum 'The Room Falls Silently (New Version)'
06. Hand Of Stabs 'The Spread Of Tick-Borne Animal Diseases'
07. A Thousand Cranes 'A Bowl Of Cherries'
08. Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley 'Asemic Arc'
09. Lbkk 'Track C'
10. Mina & Iris 'Lear's Verse'

Disc 3

01. Nathaniel Robin Mann 'Katie Morey'
02. Fee Reega 'Michi Panero'
03. Charles Lavaigne 'Twilight'
04. Luis Lasso 'El Castor'
05. Xisco Rojo 'Lost The Horse'
06. So Like Dorian 'Nothing But Cannibals Here (Live)'
07. Aaron Dall '52 Hertz'
08. 53Mph 'Wild Dogs'
09. Nick Castell 'The Cartographer'
10. Justin Cusack 'Without You'

Disc 4

01. Old Lost John 'In Bergen Town'
02. Shitwolf 'Christine Street'
03. Bird Radio 'Lanterns For Men'
04. Kristina Jung 'Wish You Were A Hunter'
05. Small Signs 'Take My Hand (For Good)'
06. Minko 'I Am The Bridge (Live - Lagarrigue Sessions)' 
07. Greg Gobel 'Arrival'
08. Tobion 'Mountain Song'
09. Ceylan Hay 'Suduko'
10. The Fabulous Nobody 'We Met In The Laundrette'

Disc 5

01. Thirty Pounds Of Bone 'Hanging Johny'
02. The Alkemyst 'Handsome And Popular'
03. Hanna & Kerttu 'Drive For Ya'
04. Hugovannias Crackpots 'Bad Roads Ahead'
05. The Vitamin B12 'Nha250713Edit' 
06. Dorian Wood 'Mirrored Song'
07. Stems 'In The Beginning The Future Was All We Had..'
08. Twisk 'Silver Salute'
09. Pablo Und Destruktion 'El Aire Puro'
10. Mary Ocher 'Oh My Love (Sibylle Berg Show, Berlin, Nov 15Th 2013 Berliner Ensemble)'

Our 50th release is a 5 disc compilation featuring tracks from 50 different artists - three and a half hours of music.

Released in a fold out handmade card package with 50 page booklet, unique photograph prints by Mina Reischer and 5 hand stamped CDrs.

Strictly limited to 50 numbered copies, but also as an unlimited download in uncompressed audio on Bandcamp here.

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