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01. The Man Who Smokes Heroin
02. Dorian (Has Made A Red Devil)
03. When You Worked In Television
04. Morvís
05. Give Me A Pistol
06. To Close The Town Or Tie Me To My Bed
07. Give Me A Medicine
08. Quiero Vivir En Un Mundo Que Huele A Tu Pelo
09. I Don't Drink I Don't Smoke
10. There Are Other Countries

SAVAGERY is the first LP by the German artist Fee Reega who has already released five EPs during the last four years. Now she's recorded ten songs for a special album project: an album in three languages. As Fee Reega has been living in different countries she started writing songs in different languages, depending on what country she was in, and she also started translating from one language to the other. This has led to this special album that can be bought in German (WILDHEIT), in Spanish (SALVAJADA) and in English (SAVAGERY).

SAVAGERY is a wild mixture of songs that talk about the experiences that Fee had living in a little village in Northern Spain. The album was also recorded there and includes musical collaborations with Pablo Und Destruktion, Fernando Epelde (MODULOK), Jesús Colino (AUTOTAN) and Pablo Luis Pravia.

The artwork consists of a numbered, hand stamped cardboard box and is themed after the song "Dorian (has made a red devil)", that talks about the sculpture of a devil made by Fee's brother. Photographs by John Simon Kusicare also included. The CDs are hand stamped, there's a booklet with lyrics in the CD's language and each cover has a piece of rabbit fur (from rabbits killed by Fee Reega's greatgrandfather a long time ago) stuck to it.

Each edition is limited to 100 copies. 

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