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01. Fast Alle Kannibalen (3.54)
02. Mantel (3.55)
03. Warum Kommst Du Mich Nicht Besuchen? (4.08)
04. Un País Donde Pueda Ser Ruidosa Y Silenciosa (4.25)
05. Casi Todos Los Caníbales (3.57)
06. Tribunal (4.37)
07. Drei Nächte Drei Männer (3.33)

7 songs, written and recorded by Fee Reega, in August, at home in Berlin and in December, at home in Madrid. 

Three songs in Spanish and four in German, with participation of Pablo García Díaz (Silencio Oso), Rowan Coupland, Stephen Burch (The Great Park), Aaron Dall, Alexander Friesen and Mario de Juan Alemany (Silencio Oso).

The handstamped CD comes in an edition of 100, in a cardboard box filled with confetti, kept together with a red ribbon. The covers are cut up contact sheets from photographic film taken by Fee Reega, each one individual, and handmade label stickers. The box also includes separate sheets with the song lyrics in German and Spanish - translations into English can be read at woodlandrecordings.com/feereega soon.

Fireworks might be included.

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